2018 Plans

We’re alive.

We’re ALIVE!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. The world is terrifying, and I’m still convinced that the end is nigh. But if you’re reading this, then despite everything bad that’s happening right now – We’re alive. We made it.

Now, on to comics.

Inner Dialogue is gonna be on hiatus for most of the month. I’m working on another really long comic right now, which I’m hoping I’ll be able to post on December 24. I… I guess that’s my thing now? That might be my thing now. Sorry. I’ll be back to a regular weekly schedule in 2018.

Here are my plans for next year, assuming I continue to be alive:

  • I’m trying to get more readers by appealing to specific demographics, so I’m going to start drawing a bunch of rotting meat in my comics in order to attract the “really into rotting meat” audience.
  • You know those glowing bugs that showed up in… a few… comics? I’ve been messing with some of the effects on my drawing program, and now they’re gonna glow in a slightly different way. It’s way better. Trust me.
  • I’m still working on the issue with the 116th comic that I haven’t drawn, but I’m not sure if I’ve made any progress. The people who read it haven’t stopped screaming yet.
  • I’ve been considering changing the day of the week that these comics are posted on. Let me know if there’s a specific day where you think to yourself, “I wonder what’s going on with that girl who hears voices?”

I’m sorry about the hiatus, but what are you reading this for? The apocalypse could happen any minute now! Go outside and breathe in the air while it’s still safe! Tell someone you love them before they turn into a grotesque plague zombie! Enjoy your life while you still can, damn you! We’re ALIVE-

-I’m kidding. Life is scary and death is imminent. Stay inside and read webcomics.

(PS: I’d like to apologize to my plague zombie audience for that insensitive remark. Does the knowledge that I’m incorporating rotting meat into my future comics soften the blow at all?)

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  1. Personally, I’ve never really been a “rotting meat” kind of person. It’s more like a “curling cheese” attitude.

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