A Few Things

Alright, there are two things I have to say. Neither of the things are good and I was trying to avoid posting this, but it’s not fair to leave you guys uninformed. I’m sorry about this. I’m just gonna get it over with in 3… 2… 1…

  1. The usual weekly schedule may be inconsistent for a while. I know that’s irritating for everyone, but it’s hard for me to work on comics right now. Mental health-related issues, y’know?
  2. We’re approaching the possible end of Inner Dialogue. Yes, the POSSIBLE END. It’ll be a while from now (especially with schedule inconsistencies), but I have a stopping point planned. I’ll make another post when I actually get there.

Uh… Normally, I’d try to make this funny in some way, but I spent the entire day in bed and I’m still too tired to come up with any jokes.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Now I imagine strange people screaming “the end is possible” :/ What other comic will be suitable for my brain in that case :/

    • I know, I know. There’s going to be possible worldwide chaos. There just happens to be a point in my scripts where I wouldn’t know where to go from there.

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