Hello. I’m Samantha Levenberg. I’m the person who makes Inner Dialogue exist.

This is the “about” page of Inner Dialogue. Inner Dialogue is the webcomic you were (presumably) reading before you clicked “about”.

I read a lot of webcomics in my spare time. Eventually I thought of an idea for a comic series that I thought would be pretty cool. I drew a few comics, mainly just to test the waters. They got some positive feedback, so I decided to publish them on the web. I hope my comics are stimulating your limbic system, and perhaps causing you to express pleasure with audible, vocal expulsions of air from your lungs.

If you want to give me feedback on the series, tell me how much I suck at drawing, or confess to me how grief-stricken you’ve been since your cat was bludgeoned to death, you can contact me at levenbergsamantha@gmail.com (I do read emails, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response. Replying to emails makes me nervous for some reason). I’m really sorry about your cat. That must’ve been awful.