Inner Dialogue Turns 2!

I drew the first comic sometime in January 2015, but I didn’t actually post anything online until June 30. For a while, I was just showing them off to my family, who said they were really good.

But let’s be honest. Family members are unreliable when it comes to criticism. During my childhood, my mother said all the wolves I obsessively drew were great. Those were SHIT wolves, mother. STOP FILLING MY HEAD WITH LIES.


Consistently Updating on Wednesdays

For far too long, I’ve been posting comics as soon as I finish them, resulting in readers being able to start their day with a sense of excitement. Perhaps there’s a new comic today? Who knows what the future brings? The world is full of possibilities!

This stops now.

Inner Dialogue now adheres to a schedule. New comics are posted on Wednesdays at 12:00am PST. If a specific comic takes me a really long time (for example, I try to pull another Memory Lane thing) or I get sidetracked by real life, I’ll skip a week and post the comic on the next Wednesday. The only exceptions will be things I want to post on a specific date, for whatever reason.

But, for the most part? Everything has to be kept scheduled. Ordered. Controlled.

Spontaneity must die.


2017 Plans

Partially because of everything that happened in 2016, I’ve been thinking a lot about the apocalypse.

This isn’t exactly new for me – I kind of thought maybe the world was going to end in 2012, and I’m generally the type of person who goes about her daily life while quietly ruminating over every conceivable way all of humanity could die.

However, in the unlikely event that the end is NOT nigh, here are some of my plans for Inner Dialogue:

  • Because I’ve improved my drawing skills and started tracing over over my sketches with the iPad, my first few comics now look kind of shitty by comparison. In order to avoid this problem in the future, the comics will no longer have any drawings and will just be blank panels.
  • Someone told me in an email that I don’t need to worry too much about the inner monologue’s exact shade of blue, so I’ll be moving on to the FAR more pressing issue of whether or not I should change the main character’s hair color from pure black to a really dark brown.
  • I was considering assigning a gender to the inner monologue instead of simply never using pronouns, but at this point that seems unnecessary. The voice appears to be fine with referring to itself as “it”, and nobody really called me out on that.
  • I’ll try and fix the issue where people start feeling disoriented and soon become uncontrollably violent after reading the 116th comic. This is especially concerning due to the fact that I haven’t drawn 116 comics yet.
  • There’ll probably be some more neuroscience.

I might not be able to post things as frequently in 2017 due to some personal stuff, but I’ll set aside time for Inner Dialogue. Even during the apocalypse, as long as there’s still (somehow) a way for me to access the internet, I’ll keep posting. We’ll join together, as comic-drawer and comic-reader, to distract each other from the horrors around us. We’ll read comics in a desperate attempt to escape reality. To cling to something – ANYTHING – that reminds us of who we once were. To forget, if only for a few moments, that we are powerless to save ourselves.

Also, did you know I have a Patreon thing? I never officially announced it, but I have a Patreon thing. Go check it out.